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MTB Wheelset 29er Revolution


The Revolution-Series products are packed with everything that is possible to be successful on the toughest tracks in the World Cup. Requirements and limits are pushed further and further upward.
The way out of lightweight design, strength and durability is uncompromisingly disputed - resulting costs in the development phase are subordinated.

Sometimes it takes some courage to look at and approach the view "Out of the Box" approach.

We're firmly convinced that this is one of the keys to meeting the specific goals and the needs at all.
More test phases and cycles are played through, test over test, data over data - nothing is left to chance.
Handlebars and rims are shaped with the newest carbon Fiber in HT and HTS of various properties well in excess of 250°C in specially designed tools.
Application of: Impact-Resistant Construction (IRC Impact Resistant Construction) / Hookless / Shock Absortion / Force Dynamic etc.

All our rims we produce with our new C-Improvment System in the side walls for higher impact strength.

Ask our top riders like Thomas Litscher, the team jb Brunex and let yourself be inspired.

MTB Wheels Revolution 27 

Wheelset Weight: approx. 1335g  (Rim width 27.2mm)

Technical data Rim:  Size: 29"ERD: 551  Weight: 352g + - 3g  External width: 33.2mm  Internal width: 27.2mm  Height: 25.0mm  Number of holes: 28  Matching tubeless tape: DT Swiss 29mm  Finish: UD mat / Logo white / black glossy / custom  gold etc.

C-Improvement inside.

Application: Cross Country Racing, Cross Country, Marathon, Alpine Cross   /  Weight restriction: 110kg 

Production : ceetec®

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