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The NEW C10 FS

It's time for the new C10FS

All our experience and knowledge from more than 30 years of mountain biking has flowed into this heart project and everything is subordinate to the sole goal: to build a competitive mountain bike that offers the best performance on all XCO and XCM courses in the world.


Fast, stiff and light enough to unleash your full potential.


A machine with the full attention to detail that you have come to expect from us.


No coincidences.


Manufactured in our modular C10 production method, which we are already using successfully with the C10R and where we also achieve top values in terms of stiffness and riding experience.

Long process paths and testing, searching for and finding the perfect kinematics turned out to be the biggest hurdle. Tests with aluminum and 3D printed bodies let us approach the optimum step by step; It was also important to pay attention to the entire function, which changes when the shock deflects (chain, brakes, geometry, zone loads, etc.).

Today we can say for sure that this project enjoyed the greatest effort ever made in our history.


The new C10FS is in no way inferior and brings a full 120mm travel frame - velvety soft and incredibly fine in response and in a (for our taste) perfect characteristic curve.

Many detailed solutions have been redesigned and implemented.


It is definitely an absolute C10 product.


For the Love of Cycling !


The C10R of Nadine Fähndrich 

It's been a while since we presented something new, now it's that time again...

About 2 years ago we started two similar but completely different projects with the desired goal of getting this done by 2023; now one of them is already finished and the other one will also be presented this year - provided all tests continue to go well.

After we presented the R50 road bike wheelset in 2020, the calls from our customers for a complete unit became louder and louder - and the logical consequence of this was to implement this project - which was not easy, both technically and financially. At some point there was so much work that it was no longer possible or sensible to go back.

In April 2021, all 3D CAD constructions drawings and calculations were ready for the C10R and the 3D printing started, from which, after all the successful data, the molds were then milled. First only 3 and then 4 sizes. This also includes the seat post and the fork and the integral cockpit.
In this regard, we also had to strengthen ourselves in the composite area with men-power - especially for the C10 story.
We learned quickly from past projects and that no monocoque frame was an option for us to be able to grant the desired internal quality levels. The frame is split into 7 individual parts and then reassembled, sand all transitions cleanly and provided with the necessary recesses, threads and bores.

This process may be a bit more cumbersome, but as we said, it is easier for us in terms of quality control in every area and we also have the advantage of the modular design to include slight individual needs in the area of stiffness / weight.

The frame concept should perform perfectly with the R50 wheels and matching with them, that was the requirement. A road racing bike should be fast and therefore you can't avoid aerodynamic elements but without appearing heavy and sluggish, sufficiently high stiffness values should bring the power of the rear wheel fully to the ground and thus the weight results. We deliberately didn't aim for a weight record so as not to lose performance - it should be a competitive racing bike.

We certainly can't promise at some point in the future that there will be 1000 pieces a year - of course not No seriously, this project is an absolute small series and will probably always retain its exclusivity. For us, this project is nothing more than closing an open circle into which we put all our passion. So a frame is actually nothing more than a component of the whole that completes the circle. From the number of pieces ... There is what there is and then we have to see where we stand. We arguably spend too much time in quality control than in rushing. But so we can promise that if it says phenum on it, phenum is in it with the usual precision, quality and love.

The success is certainly the identification of each individual of us who's involved in these projects - so the real success is actually the team behind the C10 story.

The last two years have once again shown and taught us what it means to have security and continuity in the availability of raw materials in order to be a reliable partner for our customers and dealers in the future.

So the C10R is just a part of what's to come...





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ceetec® GmbH   Bächliackerstrasse 2   4402-Frenkendorf   Switzerland



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ceetec® GmbH   Bächliackerstrasse 2   4402-Frenkendorf   Switzerland

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